Welcome to the Crimson Crew page!

Keep Calm and Crimson On v2

The Crimson Crew is a group of booster members that helps the LHS Crimson Regiment get on and off the field at rehearsals, football games and competitions.

  • The Crimson “Prop” Crew is responsible for the design and building of the props to be used in the Marching Band and Winter Guard shows. They also are responsible for getting the props on and off of the field. If you can pound a nail – paint a prop – can assemble, push and run props on and off the field…we want you!
  • Our Crimson “Pit” Crew assists the “pit” musicians with getting their musical instruments, sound equipment and the drum majors’ podiums on and off of the field. If you have a willingness to push stuff around…you are qualified to participate.
  • Our Crimson “Transportation” crew is responsible for transporting our props, the Loveland Band trailer and our chuck wagon to competitions, Sports Park rehearsals, Winter Guard rehearsals and shows, and other events as needed.


Come get a “field-level” view of your kids on the field.
Every week through the end of October we need a large team of parents to get equipment and props transported, setup and staged for rehearsals, football games and competitions. (Total 24 parents per performance event, 12 for rehearsals.)

Give the Crimson Regiment a few hours of your time during our Sports Park and Saturday rehearsals, at home football games or at our Saturday competitions – it’s well worth the effort. You can sign-up with Dave Garrells for one or for many volunteer spots as you want. It’s a great way to meet other band parents and to get a close-up of the show and your student’s performance.

  • Sports Park Rehearsal Crew – 10 Props crew
  • March-a-Thon Crew – 10 Props crew
  • Football Game Crew – 10 Pit crew and 10 Props crew (Minimum of 20 volunteers needed)
  • Saturday Rehearsal Crew – 10 Props crew volunteers needed
  • Competition Crew – 10 Pit crew  and 10 Props crew at every preliminary and finals competition performance (Minimum of 20 volunteers needed)

Dress code: Any black shirt.  New black “Crimson On” crew shirts and baseball caps can be purchased through the LHS Bandwear Shop.

Transportation Needs:  If you have a heavy-duty truck that can pull a trailer and can be available for our rehearsals, football games and/or competitions, we especially would love to hear from you.

To volunteer or to ask questions about the Crimson Crew, contact: