Scrip Cards

Are you letting your free money get away? If you are not using Scrips you are not getting your free money!

Do you find yourself grabbing a quick lunch at Arby’s, Carl Jr., Burger King, Chipolte Mexican Grill, Domino’s, Noodles, Qdoba, Subway or Wendy’s, to name a few fast food restaurants?

Do you shop at Kohl’s, JC Penny’s, Walmart, Target or Kmart?

Or are you going out to dinner at Chili’s, Applebee’s, Bonefish Grill, Mimi’s Cafe or picking up a pizza at Papa Murphy’s or Pappa John’s for the kids?

These are but a few of the many scrip options available for you to purchase. When you purchase scrip, a percentage of the face value of the scrip goes back to the Loveland Band Boosters with half going to your student’s grant account and half to the general fund that supports all band and guard activities.

For example, do you drink Starbucks? Purchase a gift card through and they give back 7%! Half of that goes to your grant account. If you got a $25 card you would make $1.75. If you reloaded your card with Scrips for $25 every month you would make $21 for the year. Now, if you saw $21 laying on the ground would you walk by and say it isnt worth it?


Easy Steps for Signing Up for Shop With Scrip

  1. Go to website:
  2. Under Family Sign Up, click “Create Account”.
  3. The Loveland High School Band Booster’s code is: CDBED64L2L236
  4. Set up PrestoPay
  5. Within 1 to 2 days, ShopWithScrip will send you a confirmation number (3 or 4 digits).
  6. Send a message to the Scrip Gift Cards volunteer. They will finalize the link of your account to the Loveland High School Band Boosters.


Easy Steps for Ordering Scrip

  1. Then start ordering your scrip by going to
  2. Click on Login link at top of page (right hand corner).
  3. Click on Shop, start selecting your scrip and complete the Checkout process.
  4. All orders are done online and need to be placed by 8:00 PM mountain time on Sundays.
  5. Contact the Scrip Gift Cards volunteer to arrange a pick-up time.



Why should you use Shop with Scrip? 

With every purchase that is made, you put money into your student’s grant account which pays for band fees! PLUS, you also put money into the band program to help pay for the many costs that are not passed onto you in band fees.

At Shop with Scrip all companies give us a different percent back on our purchases. Here are some average percents:

  • Books 9%
  • Clothing 8-13%
  • Department stores 5%
  • Discount stores 2-8%
  • Eating out 8%
  • Gas 2-5%
  • Groceries (Albertsons and Safeway) 3-5%
  • Home Improvements 4%
  • Music 5%
  • Office Supplies 5%
  • Sporting Goods 8%

What kinds of Scrip are available to order? 

Scrip comes in a few different forms:

  1. Plastic cards – Orders placed by Sunday 8:00 PM will be available the following Friday
  2. Reload– Once you purchase a plastic card, if reload is available, you can put money on the card and the money will be available the following Monday – *must use presto pay
  3. Reload Now– Same as reload but the money will be available as soon as the system processes it. No need to wait for the weekly order release.
  4. Scrip Now– If available for the store you want, you can order Scrip Now, pay with Presto Pay, wait about 5 minutes, print the gift certificates and use them immediately!

How do I use my grant money to pay my bill?

Shop with Scrip orders are tracked per student and applied every month to the student grant account. Their grant account will be used toward their band fees.